Innovate Your Marketing Campaign with Octokit: The First Ever No-Code Minigame Builder

Gamification has been a turning point in many fields, be it marketing, education or fitness. According to a 2019 survey, 78 percent of employees indicated they would be more likely to choose a company that incorporates gamification in its recruitment process.

Especially to marketers, using minigames in their campaigns has proven its effectiveness: In a 2023 survey, marketing professionals from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany identified the most relevant trends in their industry for the year. The findings revealed that gamification was the fourth most popular marketing trend in 2023 with 37% of the market.

However, it costs brands a considerable amount of resource and time to invest in developing minigames for campaigns. Companies are in need of a faster and more effective approach of utilizing gamification in marketing. Being an innovative Vietnamese technology company, Marvy Co. seized the opportunity and has developed and released Octokit - the first ever no-code game creator that even low-tech buddies can use.

A no-code tool to create minigame for marketing

Marvy Co. is a technology company based in Vietnam that specializes in developing, producing and implementing AR/VR and minigame projects for many companies and corporations. Recently, Marvy Co. has released Octokit, a web-based game creator without coding.

The web-based game creator provides over 200 pre-made game templates with diverse gameplays. All of Octokit games are designed to especially serve for marketing purposes. Octokit game stock ranges from luck-based games such as Wheel of Fortune, Mystery Box to arcade games that simulate some of the most famous gameplays in the world: Flappy Bird, Gold Miner,...

The website allows users to create a minigame in just 5 minutes with a simple process: pick a game, modify the options, customize game assets and then hit deploy. Furthermore, they’ve implemented an AI text-to-game module, enabling the option to create games using simple prompts.

This is how Octokit’s game stock looks like

Highly customizable editor tool

One of the downsides when people mention no-code tools is that they are not flexible, have many limitations and the end-products will be generic. However, Octokit has taken note of this and implemented their own game-editor tool, offering a way for users to change every asset of the game to their preferences. Of course, this editor tool has an AI add-on as well. Brands can utilize this tool to tailor the game after each of their campaigns by adding logos, trademarks and brand images to the game.

Web-based editor tool for customizing game assets

Suitable for business

Game flow are tailored for marketing objectives

Octokit provides the option to choose a specific marketing purpose for the game: Instant Reward for fast voucher distribution, Online Competition for interactive campaigns or even mixing multiple approaches in a single game. Each purpose will determine the flow of the game, giving companies a flexible way to integrate minigames into their campaigns.

Login method: a valuable option for data collecting

Login method is a function that helps collect data and verify players’ identities. Octokit presents users three login methods: Login at First, Login at End (opened reward), Login at End (secret reward). Each has its pros and cons suitable for different marketing needs.

For data collection, there are many customizable options for data input fields: name, email, phone number, gender,... Moreover, Octokit’s built-in CMS system provides users an easy way to view, manage and analyze game data. You can find data about the game’s total players, user history, game history, redeem history, all in the Data management tab.

Automatic reward manager

For games with a reward distributing system, Octokit has integrated a reward list manager. Users are able to generate mass codes for each category of rewards and adjust the quantities as well as the appear rates. The reward code list informs users of the reward codes’ statuses, redeem history and more detailed information about each reward.

When a player wins a reward from Octokit’s games, the game will confirm the player's identity by sending an OTP authentication code to their email. After verifying, Octokit system will automatically send the reward code and information to player’s email. They are also planning to implement a function allowing users to upload their own reward data with xlsx or csv files.

Supported on different platforms

Additionally, the game can be exported to multiple platforms, including web links, integration with e-commerce websites (pop-up window), web banner ads, and mobile apps such as Facebook or Zalo. This expansion of deployment options offers marketers various approaches to implement and enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

With the powerful features that Octokit provides, this no-code game-maker is a promising tool for Gamification Marketing. In the future, Octokit will bring even more cutting-edge and game-changing advancements to the marketing field. Visit to make your own Gamification Campaign now!