Octokit - The Canva of Game Industry

Canva is a versatile online graphic design platform launched in 2013 and has been famously known for its easy drag-and-drop interface with a vast library of templates, images, icons, and fonts, catering to both beginners and experienced designers. One could say that Canva is one of the prime examples when mentioning no-code tools, a trend that has been surging in the technology field recently and is predicted to “revolutionize the future of software development”.

Game industry is no exception to this trend, as Marvy Co., an innovative tech company specialized in AR/VR projects for business clients, has recently developed and officially deployed Octokit - The first ever Canva of Game Industry.

The first ever no-code game maker that all low-tech buddies can use

Similar to Canva, Octokit is implemented on website platform, easy for everyone to access and use without the need to download an extra app, everything will be operated on one URL. All of the game-making process requires no coding and is automatic with step-by-step settings. Combining with an user-friendly web interface, users can make their own game in just under 10 minutes.

The Canva of Game Industry: Highly customizable tool to make game

As a no-code game-maker, Octokit provides over 200 game templates with diverse gameplay, from luck-based games to casual arcade games. Users can find a wide range of gameplays that are well designed to be suitable for even the most detailed need. Every game has its own charms with different themes and stories. The games are also grouped in different categories, giving a clear view of each game and the basic information of the game for users to pick.

But what gives Octokit its true power is the integrated editor tool. This editor tool acts like the Canva of Game Industry: It brings more wonders to the already abundant stock gameplays, with the ability to completely change one template to a brand new game.

Octokit editor tool overview

Octokit’s editor tool offers almost the same features that Canva has in just a single web page. Everything can be easily operated and processed, and the editor tool will immediately show which changes have been applied to the game for users to have a better control of their works.

Here are some notable features that come from Octokit editor tool:

  • Change colors: Give the option to modify the color of every asset, down to the most detailed shape of said asset. With this, users can mix and match colors to create their own theme for the game, as colorful as wanted.

  • Add shapes: In the editor tool, there is an option to add basic shapes. This allows a more flexible way to be creative with the game assets as users can use those shapes to decorate, create new objects or elements for the game.

  • Customizable text: The editor tool includes over 500 fonts and offers features to change text content and modify text styles, providing flexibility similar to Canva's options. With the power to customize every text given in the game, one can make their own messages for the game as they like.

  • Over 1000 stock game assets: Octokit offers the ability to use every asset the web provides interchangeably between games. Moreover, users can freely upload their own assets to use in the game, be those products, brand logos or images of the brand’s representative. Just like in Canva, the creativity could be maximized with those features of Octokit.

With Editor tool, users can magically change Octokit’s base templates into brand new games. You won’t even recognize the old game aside from the same gameplay that it uses. More importantly, everyone can do this with Octokit’s Editor tool, you don’t have to be a game developer or game designer to create your own game anymore!

In fact, there is already a successful case using Octokit Editor tool to redesign the base template into their own game. MiX Store, a Malaysia retail chain that provides famous and delicious snacks from countries such as Japan, Korea, China, has just opened a new store in Singapore. To celebrate this, MiX has used Octokit’s template “Supermarket” and redesigned all of the game assets to match with MiX’s brand image: replacing Octokit’s logo with MiX’s, changing the game item with MiX’s products, changing background color,... The end product has conveyed MiX’s image well.

A perfect tool for marketing campaign

With Octokit’s accessibility and highly customization, this web-based game builder could be not only a great tool for personal use but also an ideal tool for businesses who are finding a solution for their marketing campaign. Normally, brands have to invest a great deal of time and resources for a gamification campaign, but now with Octokit, all of those resources will be accumulated better.

Octokit allows users to select a specific marketing objective for their game, such as Instant Reward for quick voucher distribution, Online Competition for interactive campaigns, or a combination of various approaches within a single game. Each objective shapes the game's flow, offering companies a flexible method to incorporate minigames into their marketing strategies.

Login Method is a function designed to collect data and verify players' identities. Octokit offers three login methods: Login at First, Login at End (opened reward), and Login at End (secret reward), each with its own advantages and drawbacks suited to different marketing needs.

For data collection, there are numerous customizable options for input fields, such as name, email, phone number, and gender. Additionally, Octokit’s built-in CMS system allows users to easily view, manage, and analyze game data. The Data Management tab provides access to information about the total number of players, user history, game history, and redeem history.

For games with a reward distribution system, Octokit includes a reward list manager. This feature allows users to generate mass codes for different reward categories, adjust quantities, and set appearance rates. The reward code list provides information on the status of reward codes, redeem history, and detailed information about each reward.

When a player wins a reward in Octokit’s games, the system verifies the player's identity by sending an OTP authentication code to their email. Upon successful verification, Octokit automatically sends the reward code and relevant information to the player's email. Additionally, Octokit plans to implement a feature that allows users to upload their own reward data using xlsx or csv files.

Furthermore, the game can be exported to various platforms, such as web link, integrating to E-commerce website (pop-up game), web banner ads, mobile applications, and for upcoming updates they even include in-app social platforms like Zalo and WeChat. More deployment platforms mean there will be more approaches for marketers to implement and maximize their campaigns’ effectiveness.

With a friendly web-based interface and requiring no coding, Octokit will be a promising and powerful tool for game-making, not only for personal use but also a great marketing solution for brands who want to integrate minigames into their campaigns. Want to try creating a game for yourself? Visit here!